Looking For Free Essay Writing Tools On The Web

To be a good essay writer, you should edit your academic papers properly. It might be difficult to do this on your own. The services of a professional editor will cost you money. However, if you're still wondering "who can write my college essay?", there are ways to get assistance with editing your texts without losing money. You can use free online tools.

Writing and Editing UK Essays: Review of Different Online Tools

  1. Hemingway Editor. It is a very useful tool that can help you improve your grammar. If you use it to check your essay, it’ll quickly detect different errors in your text. It can even detect too long sentences and the overuse of adverbs. The tool can also suggest alternatives if it suspects you’ve misused a word. Different types of errors will be highlighted by different colors.
  2. Slick Write. With this tool, you can make your paper flawless. It will do more than just point out your mistakes. It can detect filler words, excessive adverbs, prepositions, passive words, and so on.
  3. PaperRater. This tool can not only detect your spelling and grammar errors but also show you what score you’re likely to earn for your paper. If you manage to write an essay that the tool will rate highly, the chances are that your teacher will also put you an excellent grade for your academic work.
  4. Grammarly. This is an excellent tool for checking your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It also lets you choose to evaluate your paper either in American or British English. Although the basic version of the tool is free, you can buy a premium version that has more functions to help you write top essays.
  5. Plagtracker. Even if you’ve written an original paper, it might coincidentally contain some sentences and phrases from other papers that can be found on the Internet. Using this tool, you can check whether your essay is free from plagiarism or not.

Where to Buy Custom Essays

You might not be able to deal with your academic tasks in time on your own always. In such situations, you can ask somebody else to write your papers for money. Here are the sources to ask for help:

  • Talented students. You may know students with well-developed skills in writing who usually get high scores for their academic assignments. If you ask such a student to craft an original essay for you, you’re likely to get a paper of good quality for a very affordable price.
  • Local writers. In your town, there should be some competent academic writers who will agree to write a paper for you. If you don’t know any specialists, ask your friends whether they’re acquainted with some writers.
  • Freelance writers. If you wish to get essay writing online, you can go to job boards where a lot of freelancers, including academic writers, can be contacted. Once you find a writer who seems to have the needed specialization, ask them to prove to you that they’re professional and experienced. If they do, you can hire them.
  • Online writing agencies. Instead of finding a single writer, you can deal with an essay writing website. Its team should consist of many members with different specializations which will allow them to provide you with original essays of any types. Also, writing companies usually offer juicy discounts and official guarantees to their customers.

As you can see, there are plenty of good free online tools that you can use to improve your writing. Remember, however, that even the best online tool cannot replace a real person. It’s recommended to revise your paper several times on your own before submitting it to play it safe. You may even ask your friends or family members whether they can find any mistakes in it.