Guide on Choosing Narrative Essay Topics

The purpose of the narrative essay is to present the events, interactions and other most memorable life experiences to the audience.  The more vivid and impactful title, the greater audience will be reached. The certain stages of writing a custom essay are more difficult than the others. To set the appropriate headline or a title it is a master of the art. 

According to the literature, the narrative essay is written in the active voice ‘’I’’. The initial draft should be focused on the most important elements such as an impactful plot story, characters and resources. 

The title needs to be interesting and captive so the audience may have an urge to continue further reading. The success to make a title interesting is to have in mind the type of the audience – are they professionals or everyday people such as students, parents or customers? 

The basic structural elements are the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion. The transitional sentences are important to signal the end of the action in one paragraph and to provide a link to the action of the next paragraph.  

Usually, the main narrative plot is hooked on the following life experiences such as experience, childhood, morality etc. 

The most common structure of the narrative essay title is The First Childhood Experience that Helped Me Grow Up, The Most Memorable Birthday Party, The Friend That I Lost and Miss Til Now etc… The other life events frequently described in narratives are a trip, a visit to a museum, first day of school, an excited thing you learned, summer vacation, a tragedy, falling in love etc. 

In the process of brainstorming, make a draft of the most suitable titles for a narrative writing task.  The title may follow the 2 main goals of the narrative essay such as a personal story and analysis of those specific events. 

The qualitative titles must assure the audience that any further reading will be worth of time. The title provides a clear idea to the reader what is the narrative story really about.  It is necessary to set a tone and have a more compound title. 

The best advice is to create a title that grabs the reader's attention. It may be a provocative one or novel so it may catch the reader's attention. Format the titles according to MLA’s newest edition which means to use quotation marks and/or italics when referring to other works in your title.  Separate opening phrases from the main title with a colon and align the centre on the title page.  Capitalize the first letter of each word and separate the running head from the main title with a colon.

In general, before any title writing, jot down all the possible ideas and structures. The title should be describing the main storyline in the writing task, either academic or an online fashion magazine.  Rely on famous quotes. The most successful papers have a title that resembles the main aspects of our lives.