How Can You Make this Interesting?

Another great piece of advice you should heed is that which suggests you should make your work interesting for both you and the reader. This can be easily achieved by starting with creative ideas for your approach, then asking yourself if the reader would find the work intriguing. Even if you are writing on a commonly discussed subject, you can always find a fresh perspective to work with.

Start Brainstorming and Just Write

Your first draft will never be perfect, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t quite come up with the right words to express your ideas. Just do some brainstorming and get started with a free write or rough draft. You’ll have an easier time identifying what things need to be included in your final work and what can be tossed when you make your revisions.

Make Sure You Use Ample Evidence

You should always aim to conduct at least two levels of research – the first should be a search for background information, which can usually be done online, where you look for related issues, key terms, and more. The second should be done at the school or public library where you have access to reliable government or academic resources from which to cite your evidence.

Free-write Your Body Paragraphs

There are several strategies for writing an academic paper – but most teachers point towards writing the body paragraphs first as the most effective of these. It’s good to maintain the basic format of a well-written paragraph, but you have significantly more freedom when you are in the process of freewriting than you do when you are working on a revised or final draft.

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The thing about the advice I listed above is that it made two things very apparent: 1) I treated my writing assignments as if they were things I had to do instead of things I wanted to do; and 2) I didn’t believe that hard work and practice could ever pay off – I either had the skill or didn’t – I was completely wrong on both accounts. With the right tools and these valuable pieces of advice I was able to turn my grades around by working less because of the things I learned from the advice handed down to me. Give it a try and watch your grades improve in just a few weeks.